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"Winnebago" (2007)

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Arrogant Worms - Winnebago (Dirt! Bonus Track)
Arrogant Worms - Winnebago (Dirt! Bonus Track)
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(Trevor's lines are italicized)
Oh yeah!
Oh, man!
It's so great to be out in the road!
It sure is, man!
Hey, look at all them little cars going beside us.. Look how small they are!
They're so tiny! Oh yeah!
We have some great perspective from up here in our
Yeah, man, we got everything in here, man!
That's right.
I'm gonna make some coffee, man!
You making coffee?
You want some coffee?
I'm gonna make some photocopies!
Oh, can you make some for me?
Yeah, that'd be great!
And can you bind them for me, too?
Oh, you bet, we can do anything in our
You know what?
I kinda got a hankering for a hot-tub.
A hot-tub! A hot-tub!
You know, I think I might go on back to the hot-tub and give my old bones a soak, you know what I'm saying?
Okay, well, man, don't you want to play some tennis first, man?
Tennis? Where are we going to play tennis?
On the top of our
Oh yeah! I forgot about that!
I just put that in by the helicopter pad!
That's.. Wow, the helicopter pad?
Oh yeah, man, just so we can get you and fly around, and that way we can be even higher and look down on our
You know what the funny thing about having a tennis court on top of our Winnebago
What's that, man?
Is you gotta be a pretty good tennis player, man!
Oh yeah, sure!
You don't wanna miss cause you'll lose your balls, you know what I mean?
Oh yeah! We got lots of balls!
That's true.
Lots of balls.
We could just fill this whole thing with balls, couldn't we?
Ahhhh yeah!
Oh yeah!
Hey, hey man, did you feel something man?
What do you mean, "feel something"?
I think.. I think we just ran over some sort of mini or something, man!
Oh no! Ha ha ha!
Oh look! There's a Honda Civic on our grill!
Man, those guys are small!
Oh yeah, really!
They're just no match for our
Yeah, that's right.
Hey, if you're still alive, come on up, buddy! Come on!
Come on, we need more people to fill up our Winnebago cause it's so huge, you know!
Oh yeah, man, you could put like, half of Taiwan in this place, man!
We should drive there, man!
Drive to Taiwan?
Well, sure, man!
This baby could do anything, you know..
Yeah, we'll just blow the tires up real big!
You know what? You know what I wanna do before we go to Taiwan?
What's that, man?
I wanna stop off at North Carolina and get some cheap smokes.
Yeah? Oh, that's a good idea, yeah..
We could go to Bob's Butt World, you know?
Oh yeah, he's got good butts, Bob.
He's got serious butts.
We could just fill our
Yeah, I'm just gonna go back to the smoking section now.
Talking about smoking, man, do you smell that?
Smell what?
Oh man! I left the turkey in the oven!
Oh no!
Oh no!
How are we gonna feed all these people?
I don't know, man!
We're gonna have to kick them out of our
See you later, suckers!
Yeah, we'll see you later, man!
This is our Winnebago!
Yeah, this is ours, you can't have our Winnebago!
Oh yeah, we're livin' la vida loca now!
Oh yeah!
Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Uh-huh!
Oh yeah!
Yeah yeah yeah!
That's right
Oh, that feels good!
That sure does, man!
Oh yeah, you know what?
I'm tired.
Are you tired?
I think I'll go for a nap now.
Oh, in the.. in the waterbed?
No no, I was thinking of the four-poster.
Oh really? Well, I'm just gonna go to the wave pool.
Oh really?
Aren't you gonna drive? Someone has to drive.
What's that?
You have to drive!
Oh yeah.. I'll take the golf cart down there.
Eh, okay..no, I meant you have to drive our
Oh! You mean drive the Winnebago!
Yeah! Oh no, we're slowing down..
Yeah, I think
I think we're running out of gas!
I think our band is, you know, getting a little tired.
They were counting on that turkey, man!
It's tough to have a house band in your Winnebago, you know.
See, they wanted to play on that one!
I know!
But you screwed them up!
They're always coming in too fast, you know, man..
Or too late!
There they go again!
What was that one?
I'm getting so sick and tired of saying
It's a good word though, man, it rolls right off the tongue..
Man! Oh, oh..
You know, I heard that the Winnebagos are an Indian tribe, man.
An Indian tribe?
Yeah, they didn't ride no horses though, man..
Did they have ladders up the side of them?
Oh yeah! No no, they just drove around in
You should have seen the cowboys when they came in and tried to take those Indians over, man!
Oh yeah! They took the bog W off for the Big W Ranch.
That's what I like to call my Winnebago sometimes is the Big W Ranch.
I don't know what you're talking about!
No, but I sure love my
Oh yeah!
Weren't you gonna go to bed sometime, man? I thought you were tired?
You know, I got my second wind.
Oh, you did?
That's cause this is my second Winnebago.
Oh, this is your second?
Yeah, sometimes I get tired
But then I just think of my
Oh yeah.. Yeah?
You know what?
I'm kinda tired again.
You really tired?
Yeah, I may go back to the West Wing.
Oh yeah man, it's nice out there!
You know what else starts with W?
That word that we know?
What's that?
Ah, how do you say..
Oh, Winnebago! I thought you were going to say washing machine!
No, no.. well..
Cause I got my clothes in there
Yeah, you could afford to do a load, you know.
I think the butler's gonna get them for me though.
That's a good idea. You know, the maid is mad at me.
Oh yeah? Why's that, man?
I pinched her ass.
Yeah, that's right.
She had it coming.
That's right. Well, if you're gonna ride around on my
You're gonna get your ass pinched.
Oh, I'm glad you said Winnebago, I thought you were gonna say ride around on my something else!
No, nothing rude or nothing like that.
No, that's good.
Yeah man.
Well, here's me tired again.
Aw, tired again, man?
Oh damn.
Well, you know..
You were saying?
What's that? Ah..
No, no, you go ahead. I shouldn't have interrupted you.
I think I'm gonna go now.
Where are you going?
I'm going on the jetski.
Oh really?
We could like, go out on jetskis, or maybe, you know.. I'm gonna ride the whale!
Oh, the whale!
Yeah, I'm gonna ride the humpback whale that's on the roof..
Near the tennis court, in the pool of our
Yeah, that's right, sometimes you have to hurry quick.
Yeah, I know.
Cause the band..
I'm getting tired, man. I'm getting tired of you, you know.
You know, we're going to have to pay the band overtime for keeping on playing.
Alright, no, they're good guys.
Yeah, they're good guys. They just wanna ride in our

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