Heimlich Maneuver

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"Heimlich Maneuver" (2007)

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I love you so much I need the Heimlich Maneuver

The sun goes down on another day
A day where I haven't found love
I try to eat, but all I taste
is the flavor of a broken heart
Then I saw you across the room
I gasp and my breathing stops
My heart's in my throat, or is it a potato?

I love you so much, I need the Hiemlich manuver
Your love sticks like a turkey bone in my throat
She's in my thoughts and it'll need a jolt to remove her
My love is consumating, while I'm asphyxiating
Over her

When I wake up, I'm on the floor
Faint, dizzy and alone
My stomach hurts, I think my ribs are cracked
Not sure if I'm in a dream
I turn my head, and there you are
I call out and my breathing stops
It's her again, crushing my esophagus

I love you so much, I
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