Packed In Purgatory

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"Packed In Purgatory" (2008)


Reaping the wind,
take another breath,
one stop closer leads to another death

World without order takes it start
Corrupted figures don't know their parts
The day remains black as midnight
As the fallen reap from the in sight

Who are we to play a god?
Power consumes and blinds like fog
Grip your guns, we'll go to war
Who to fight. We'll pass you the torch

Hear the voice, breathe the fire,
We put pain back into desire
You wish you may
You wish you might
Now go and kill all in sight

Battered and broken,
Unholy and unspoken
The means of a hero considered to be a fellow
But with great means comes great sorrow
Consider the pain
Tears falling down like rain
From the heavens above
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