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"Deliver Us" (2009)

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2016 Alex Davis RHP
2016 Alex Davis RHP
Building A New Home is Easy
Building A New Home is Easy


Bullets penetrate steel, but eyes rip through souls
Hiding ourselves trying to get out of the sins, so cold
And if this was a shot at my memory, let me tell you the news
When it all comes down to the end, no one's going to care for me or you

You crumble the walls of my security,
But little do you know, you're laying down the foundation for my hatred
If you can't pay with money, blood will do just fine
Now you'll understand what happens when you cross what is yours with what is mine
And you'll shout to the sky "deliver us from evil"
But as we already knew from the start, evil delivers itself

It doesn't take believing to know that we're already doomed
By the time we realize our faults, death is already in bloom
So lay in the garden and stare at these bleeding flowers
Before your mind hungers and thirsts, far beyond overpowered

So if there's something you want you better take it from me
Don't break to run because this is a matrimony
Between every wicked sin and every second felony
You can't describe any of your own kind
So what makes you think you deserve more than what is mine?

Deliver us from evil
Deliver us from anything that would've been
Deliver us salvation
Because a book of words is just a contradictor
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