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"Kingdom Come" (2008)

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Italian Song "Faccetta Nera" (Subtítulos en Español)
Italian Song "Faccetta Nera" (Subtítulos en Español)
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If you were the same person to hold a heart
Nimble, forsaken, a work of art
Would you be the one to judge
Light the fires and load the guns

Forsaken but desolation still takes its place
Many centuries of plaguing the human race
Minds are confined within the eyes of the blind
While piece of mind still wanders throughout its time

The world is ensued with chaos
Sewn with the memories of the peoples of the past
The evolution has been so true,
Once the people, forever the people
Hold onto memories and make them last

Through the Nile, and the freedoms
To liberty, and God-blessed kingdoms
The wooden barred stages,
And the world wars on rages
Would you be the one to think
When you seen the other on the brink
Of being condemned, just as once did unto him
To sever the spell of purification?

We the people, forever the people
Reticule the moments, and dance upon needles
Body. Soul and Mind.
Yet not one act of the purest kind
Can cure the darkness which is seen to the blind

Although it doesn't take a blind man
Too see the unbearable counter plan
Or to make deaf man listen to the earth
For they already know,
Evil has spawned another birth

Dominated the air, dominating the sea
Even with these advances
Remain doomed for eternity
Although none of us may know,
Of the true infinite sorrow,
We never look below
Press the button, as the warhead plummets below

Though we've all been thinking, too late and way past due
We call to react too early,
Thrown into war already
Not into one, but over two

Take pride in your nation
Rise the flag and hold it tall
But once they pull your name out
Are you ready to take the fall?

Sometimes our minds our searching
For the answer or sometimes the truth
But may God even be with us
Sworn to Him may he deliver us
Hearts consumed by fire
Pulled back into desire
It drowns out, like a flood swallows a town
But even if those who wear a cr
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