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"Fool's Gold" (2009)

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04.05.11 Antenna Pomeriggio - Ospite Fabrizio Lombardo Pijola
04.05.11 Antenna Pomeriggio - Ospite Fabrizio Lombardo Pijola


Dawning of another day, the sun beats down my back
Leave behind my only home, self respect is the only thing I lack
I wander my earth, I get the same stares like I'm a beast
Born into frail society where the lies breed and feast

Departed from myself, death doesn't scare me
So why should anything else?
Asking myself the same damned questions day by day
Still wandering, call me a nomad
The media exploits me, but offers me no place to stay
If I bring in the story of your lives
How sorrowful it is, when you'll lose a dollar when I die

Death comes with a price, so under appreciated when we leave
But the profit they make from us when we die rises
Don't call us human, we're better known as thieves
I know better then to do every single thing you please

Your insecurities I leave behind
Tonight I'll be parting my ways with my past life
To backtrack every moment in my time and try to settle it right

I live in the mud under your luxury
I'm the outcast of your newly bound supremacy
The high horse you rode in o
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