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"Falseface" (2008)


Holocaust fraternity,
Birth place of disaster.
Bless your god, and call him master!

Burn the heavens, within without,
Show no mercy, primal shout.
Derange this face, illusion of light,
Man made God the modern Christ.

Your wretched beliefs, we call lies,
Watch your religion slowly die.
Feel your blood spill on the cross,
Holy sections forever lost.

War keeps raging beside roaring seas,
While you still pray on bloody knees.
Beg the blades don't skin you alive,
God won't save you so ****ing hide!

Blood runs dry through the sands,
Midnight massacre, 40 000 men.
Blood red eyes, they tell some tale.
through the raging storm of a bloody summers gale.

Twenty thousand leagues slowly fade,
Forever heed the bloody raid.
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