Smiley Riley Needs A Hug

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"Smiley Riley Needs A Hug" (2013)

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Hara Kiri
Hara Kiri


Verse 1
Smiley Riley needs a hug, hes going to lose his house,
In the middle of a recession he eats breadcrumbs like a mouse.
No one pays attention anymore, hes losing hope,
For life he worked late nights, now he just cant cope.

Verse 2
Smiley Riley needs a hug, hes angry with the Lord,
Hes not able to pay his way, at the point of a sword.
A new standard of living is so hard to accept,
No longer in the money, filled with regret.

Touch the stars Smiley Riley, hidden from the light of day,
Sit on a cold cold bench, as winter nights slip away.
Fall in love with hunger, step by step fall asunder,
Touch the st
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