Mirc Paradise

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"Mirc Paradise" (2006)


(C. Ackerman)
As I walk to the computer
where I found my girlfriend,
I take a look at my life
and realize its very plain!
But that's just perfect for an Jedi like me,
Ya know, I NEED fancy things like electricity.
At four-thirty in the mornin' I'm chatting with kev
EagleT beats the peons and Dylan wow's . . . fool!
And I've been chatin' and bitchin' so long that
Even Lise thinks that my mind is gone.
I'm a man of the net, I'm into discipline.
Got a mouse in my hand and no beard on my chin.
But if I finish all of my pages
And you finish yours,
then tonight we'll flood wchat
Like We're Whores !
We've been spending most our lives
Living in a mIRC Paradise.
I flood k9 once or twice,
Living in a mIRC Paradise.
It's hard work and sacrifice,
Living in a mIRC Paradise.
We steal software with out a price,
Living in a mIRC Paradise.
A local op kicked me out of the channel last week.
I just flooded him and I turned the other cheek.
I really don't care, In fact, I wish him well.
'Cos I'll be laughing my head off When i nuke him to hell.
But, I ain't never kicked a peon, Even though he deserved it
An OP with a 'tude, You know that's unheard of.
I never puh yer buttons, and kylas got my sw hat! (bitch!)
And my homeys agree, I use to be a peon in black, fool!
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