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"Peons In Black" (2006)

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(C. Ackerman)
Here come the Peons in black
Its the PIBS
Here come the PIBS
Here come the Peons in black
Peons in Black
They will make u you remember
nah nah nah
The peons dress in black
Remember that just in case we face to face and make contact
the title held by me, PIB, means what Peon think you saw you did not see
so don't blame me, what was there is now gone, peonic suit with da raybands on
walking shadows, moving silent, guarding against Peonicatrial violence
but you know we ant on no channel list, we strait, we don't exist,
no names and no finger prints, saw something strange watch your back,
'cause u never quite know where the PIBS are at. uh uh.
Here come the Peons in black
Peons in Black
Internet Defenders
Here come the Peons in black
Peons in Black
They will make u you remember
uh-uh uh-uh
Now from the userlist from the chatroom night, on the screen,
bright light into sight tight, log zoom, room in doom,
but then like boom Peonic suits fill the room up with the quickness
talk with the witnesses, Peonizer, scrollizer, vivid Lamers
turn to banned forkers, ant no PIBS, can I please
Do what we say that's the way we kick it
yea and me see I'm a noisy, cricket get wicked
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