Who'd Be A Cop?

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"Who'd Be A Cop?" (2007)
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You had such a terrible time at home, not as bright as your brother and sister. Though intimidating all your friends, still think that uniform's so cool. what a job you can make your own rules. Take your frustration out on them. Hanging out at your nearest protest. punching kids and making arrests in the name of whoever pays the most. Couldn't get in the armed forces, animals on the backs of horses, good sense and justice you oppose. Get a real job- who would be a fucking cop? Did you not get enough love? Did your parents beat you up? Do you worry bout the size of your penis? Did the army kick you out? what the hell was that about? Didn't let you use your firearm in public? You dont protect me, no security, for my family and my friends. Your brain is just ou
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