The Battle Of Fort Foreman Pt. Ii

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"The Battle Of Fort Foreman Pt. Ii" (2013)


Darkness fills the land
Enshrouding us despite our last stand
And as Fort Foreman fell
Douglas flung open the gates of Hell
Fleeing through the night
Plotting our revenge to make things right
The union was unbound
So we delved into the underground

Sirens wail
Parapets scaled
And so we must bail to the underground
In chaos
Signals crossed
And so we disband in the underground
In darkness
No music
Will play for the band in the underground
We languish
In anguish
Now that we've been banned to the underground

Tripping over logs
And pursued by android robot dogs
Fleeing hurt and lame
Yearning to avenge this loss in George's name

Barkley snarled and grinned
Tattered bed sheets blew in the wind
Shoelaces were undone
As Irish devil bats blotted out the sun

Fort Foreman (Alas, the Fort) could not be saved
Now the countryside's enslaved
And we're hunted like dogs
Well, we have not lately shaved

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