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"Tear Run dry" (2007)

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Underworld Born Slippy
Underworld Born Slippy


TEAR RUN DRY - written by Darius

Lost at sea
Drifting wreck
Leaves my fear
We move closer
Warm breath on my neck
Trace waves on your shoulder
But I dreamt this before
You left me on the ocean floor
No call for help
But baby I'm reaching

Is the message in the bottle
Gonna break and find your shore
If I have to hold my breath
And I can wait
But I want more

If only you knew
Like a tear run dry
I can taste you now
A memory on my lips
Well I touched you once
And I know somehow
I'll reach you beyond a kiss

Back and forth
Lapping tide
Your moist breath
And I'm drowning
Lost you
I've lost time
In the ocean that found me
Was it all in my mind
Summers rain left behind
No call for help
But ba
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