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"Fragile" (2007)

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Mercury Rising
Mercury Rising


FRAGILE - written by Darius

Empty moonlight, heavy moon
Puts the sun to bed too soon
Hungry half truth overflows
Betrays the silver ring she chose
Encouraged kisses, teasing touch
Kills a thirst to yearn this much
A bliss abandoned, velvet trust
An open heart confused by lust

She didn't need me, I
Needed time to just hold on
And so she bleeds me dry
Cannot pretend that I'm that strong

In a fragile world
I have agile faith
And my fragile bones
Won't break in haste
So the serpentine girl
With the turpentine words
Won't light me up, won't burn me out
Not today

Loving lavished, a lover scorned
Petals red with blood from thorns
Careless promise, empty words
A s
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