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"Supercavitation" (2014)

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Everybody raise your guns,
Sirens scream of bombing runs
Everybody feel the wrath,
You've been standing on the path
Of war and destruction.

But if war is all you sing now,
Amnesty in fake belief is how
Bogus tears fall on the floor.
A selective pain for mankind,
A trick to achieve peace of mind
Can't be held up anymore.

Clear your mind of all offense,
Make a fundraiser against
Hunger and starvation.
All the body sweat and smells
Of an overweight man tells
Of a contradiction.

Forest consumed in fire,
Nicotine and cigar,
Don't go after misery
Because it ain't too far.
Heroine, crack and pills,
Homicide godforbid,
To hate violence then go back home
To beat your wife and kids.

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