Ral Mafia

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"Ral Mafia" (2006)
Sáng tác bởi T Edwards;Charles Paxton;E Taylor;Mike Dean;Willie Dennis;Andre Barnes;Brad Jordan;T Jupiter;K Kinlow;Jerold Armstrong;J Dorcy;Richard Nash;Irene Moore;J Prince;Jerold Ellis;D Miller.

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10. Yukmouth - RAL Mafia
10. Yukmouth - RAL Mafia
RAL Mafia By Yukmouth Ft The Rap A Lot Family
RAL Mafia By Yukmouth Ft The Rap A Lot Family
RAL Mafia (feat. Willie D, Geto Twinz, DMG, 5th Ward Boyz, The Snypaz, Menace Clan, Scarface)
RAL Mafia (feat. Willie D, Geto Twinz, DMG, 5th Ward Boyz, The Snypaz, Menace Clan, Scarface)
RAL Mafia (feat. Willie D, Geto Twinz, DMG, 5th Ward Boyz, The Snypaz, Menace Clan, Scarface)
RAL Mafia (feat. Willie D, Geto Twinz, DMG, 5th Ward Boyz, The Snypaz, Menace Clan, Scarface)
Yukmouth Rap A Lot Mafia
Yukmouth Rap A Lot Mafia
02. Yukmouth - The Ballers Feud
02. Yukmouth - The Ballers Feud
Yukmouth - Thugged Out : The Albulation (1998)
Yukmouth - Thugged Out : The Albulation (1998)
05. Yukmouth - Extortion
05. Yukmouth - Extortion
13. Yukmouth - Revelationz
13. Yukmouth - Revelationz
09. Yukmouth - U Love 2 Hate
09. Yukmouth - U Love 2 Hate
Yukmouth-Sad Millionaire
Yukmouth-Sad Millionaire
Top Tracks - Yukmouth
Top Tracks - Yukmouth
03. Yukmouth - Oh Boy!
03. Yukmouth - Oh Boy!
14. Yukmouth - Smile
14. Yukmouth - Smile
05. Yukmouth - Ridaz
05. Yukmouth - Ridaz
Thugged Out : The Albulation (1998)
Thugged Out : The Albulation (1998)
Rap-A-Lot Mafia
Rap-A-Lot Mafia
01. Yukmouth - Godzilla
01. Yukmouth - Godzilla
14. Yukmouth - Regime Mob
14. Yukmouth - Regime Mob


I live the life of a hooler, take ten pages
Turn around and shoot 'em, concrete Buddha
We threw 'em in the creak to loose 'em
Streets polluted with drugs, salute 'em with thugs

We used to sleep on a rug
A momma never said, she loved or hugged us
It's just us, me and my two sisters
I'm too whooshes

Plus new bushes with .22's up in the bushes
We ride, G's
Menace to societies the real shit
Fuck a movie, the village

We filled with Chinese, essays, niggas, Cambodians
Or go against the police, thugged out like Napoleon
Grab the milli, from my belly, catch new welly
Slugs in your Pelle Pelle, smell me

Since Makaveli died
It's like the West coast shit died
But Regime be the realest shit alive, ride or die
So high am I, nigga you can't tell from the eyes

Blood shot red
The feds gettin' bread from the pies
Wise guys cops risk lay-off to stay off the block
Transportin' drop the Yay off

You paid off the top
Smoke-a-lot popular on the lock
For flippin' birds like Nadia
Mafia, rap-a-lot Mafia

My nigga, my nigga, I'm here to say to
You try to tell it can even spell it
It's about respect for God knows you was talking too
And the slap came

We be the realest motherfuckers in the Rap game
Rap-a-lot Mafia, you ain't ready for what we got for ya
I make a motherfucker doctor ya
See, it ain't all about records

We run the motherfuckin' streets in Houston, Texas
We mobilize and we been rated high
Our adversaries die
When our pull a fry, bullets fly

Like some motherfuckin' Blackbirds
When we ride
It's caskets and con words
Mob nigga

Fuck peace, see it's all about violence
Put that Tek to you silent, leave you howlin'
I'ma creep upon ya, I'ma put it on ya
(Yeah, who)
Drop bombs on ya like they did in Oklahoma

See ones that Nigga Yuk, look somebody gon' die
You could took a try and kiss that ass goodbye
You be found in your home Nigga, head blown from that Chrome
Fuck with me, I'm livin' wrong nigga

Nigga remember me, I'm the one, gon' get ya
You better pray that God has switched ya
Fuckin' round with the Mafia, you torn blood from you bitches
Nigga what, bustin' holes in you bitches

You better wear you vest, real tight bitch
The Mafia gonna put it in you life bitch
Ain't no motherfucker stoppin' up
The only bitch puttin' it down with the Mafia, rap-a-lot Mafia

Niggas sure wonder why I hang with these thugs
'Cause my nigga Yuk, fuckin' these niggas up
Nigga, this rap-a-lot, Mafia till I die
Why? Because we ride

Everyday do or die
Riffles and .45's
17-shot 9's
Right up between your eyes

Niggas is gon' die, niggas come from the pound
Hummers and S-S's, born to be a killer
Fill a nigga, body with holes
Head the toe when he showed up

Blow up your whole motherfuckin' head, quote us
And I'ma roll, with my niggas till the wheels fall
Clean up the motherfuckin' car
And in this room we bring the world war

See the Circle piece be the satellite from the 5th Ward
Command union, how we do it, how we do it from the South
Texas roll real, swing wide knock 'em out
Double O and Yuk worldwide what you talkin' about

See the .45's, see the big faces
Catchin' murder cases, hood erasers
Paper chasers with the 98, sittin' on steakes
Ballin' in the bay with the Tek to place

Recognize the Mob bitch, all day this thug shit
Blisted up, trigger fingers for niggas that start shit
Creep this as I part quick, ride dope fiend, will her with a tint
AK's and vest's, born in California, killed down i
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