City of Dope

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"City of Dope" (2006)
Sáng tác bởi Gilmour, Anthony Douglas / Ellis, Jerold D Jr. / Dean, Mike.
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Gather round, gather round, hurry
Uh, welcome! uh, little boys and girls
Listen, Im 'bout to lace, yall motherfuckers
About Oakland, the city of dope

The first place in the world to ever sell base rock
Nigga, crack rock, they put it there to get rid
Of the panthers, but they really created this ballin'
What, what, nigga

Me and my niggas trying to ride drop
Buy rocks then we buy blocks
From the same dope fiends on my block
Who buy rocks, want supply hot

Weight servin' cakes like IHOP
Ever since them last motherfuckers got shot
Police been hot on my spot
Spot cops FBI watch

Got fiber-optic shit up in the pole
Showing my whole clique on crime watch
We let non-stop and show our faces
So what the case is

We wide on TV but still the grind dont stop
Nigga this Oakland, the city of dope
You know where that crack shit was invented
And smoked by these ghetto chemists years ago

On Plymouth street we call the block
Plymouth rock
The first place like the world to ever sell base rocks
Now check it

The legendary Phoenix Mitchell put it down
So tough they had to make a movie about the town
But called it Nino Brown
That bullshit New Jack City

Is really based upon this place we call crack city
Oakland, Cali we act shitty
Think cracks the answer
To get rid of these revolutionary Black Panthers

Smokin blow and takin' [unverified] like jo-jo dancer
Or sniff it up your nose and ball out of control
Like Tony Montana
House in Atlanta, 3-car garage

Our ghetto superstars was hard
Young niggas touch a mil-ticket
Before they life behind bars
Niggas get caught with like eighty kilos

Hidden in the wall
But shit ain't hidden at all
From these cocaine sniffin' dogs
Same with the law

Shit in your draws when they get your ass
And let the ballers ball, get the cash
Till they get to your ass
I've never seen a baller fall on his knees

And snitch so fast
Plea bargain run after them niggas
That hang out with your ass
No wonder why that bitch-ass nigga got out

So quick, so fast
Came on the block my niggas saw you
Choppin it up with task
Now thats a violation

Nigga cant chop it up with task
So while the trial awaits
Some nigga walks up and pumped his ass
Because the niggas in the O are hard as fuck

We sell Peruvian flake
Get i
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