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"Proud Father" (2012)

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Proud Father
Proud Father
Proud Father
Proud Father
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(Verse 1)

My son was born
June 4th, 2007
I was going through hell
But was sent
A little piece of heaven

And with that piece of heaven
I learned to count my blessings
With all those lessons learned
Still I did a lot of stressing

Thanks to my baby momma
She still so with the drama
I did my best to make it work
But I can't change his momma

Cuz she can't change herself
So I can't blame myself
I only gave her ass enough rope
For her to hang herself

No more pointing fingers
No more placing blame
At this point
What it is and what it was
Is different thangs

No more pressing the issue
No more wetting your tissue
No more conversation
I'm not even going to diss you

That's merely my decision
To get out this position
Something's got to give
Cuz to be real
This ain't living

I truly hope the best
And wish that GOD will bless
I hope you get your head together
Or whatever

But I....

(Hook x4)
I've got a
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