Never Truly Dead

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"Never Truly Dead" (2007)

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Abominant, en directo, desde Kentucky.
Abominant, en directo, desde Kentucky.
Growl - Soul
Growl - Soul


Horrid, Feelings, Things That Have Happened To Me In
My Life
Walls Of Stone, That Entomb Me
Never Will See The Light
Shadows, Filter, Takes A Place In My Mind
Forces Unnatural, Repel To Me, A Hopeless Race Against

In A Place At The Wrong Time
Shot Through The Neck, Left Paralyzed
Coroner Presumes Me To Be Dead
Nothing I Do Can Change This
Everything I Try Is Useless

Immobilized, I Fear The Night, The Blackened Cold
My Body, Try To Cry, To Show A Sign, But No One Can
Hear Me

All The Love, And All The Shame
In A World Now Left Behind
My Life Is Stripped Away
From The Gun Of A Homicidal Lunatic
There Is No Justice For A Crime
The Guilty Go Unpunished
Merciless Criminal Minds Are Running Free In This

Angels Come Forth To Take
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