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"Cusswords" (2006) on the albums Life Is... Too Short(1988), Life Is... Too $hort(1988).
Sáng tác bởi Shaw Todd Anthony.

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So you motherfuckers thought
I was gonna change my style?
So what are you saying Todd?

To all you bitches, hoes, and all that shit
Here's another rap that I'm ready to spit
It goes like this, my name is $hort
I'm tearin' shit up like never before

Pimp slaps, makin' snaps
Cold cash money and Too $hort raps
Oakland, California that's where I'm from
The city where the boys say you don't want none

But if you do, I'm gonna tell you this
Trues and vogues ain't really shit
Wanna roll so hard, all of the time
You and that bitch playin' Too $hort rhymes

If you ask me, what it's all about, I'll say it's about that money
But if you ask me, could you have some, I'll say it doesn't concern me
Ronald Reagan came up to me and said, "Do you have the answer
To the U.S. economy and a cure for cancer?"

I said, what are you doin' in the White House
If you're not sellin' cocaine?
Ask your wife, Nancy Reagan, I know she'll spit that game
Like one night, she came to my house, and gave me a blow job
She licked my dick, up and down, like it was corn on the cob

What is life? Life is Too $hort
I play the bitches like it's a sport
Yeah, I'll play the bitches just like y'all
Like Dr. J played basketball

You can call me Too, don't say it twice
You'll get me real mad and I'll fuck your wife
You see I'm not proper, I'm rarely polite
Too $hort, Too $hort, don't say it tonight, bitch

It started on a bright morning in 1987
I was in my drop to Caddy y'all gettin' sucked by a bitch named Helen
Nasty bitches, around the world, I wrote this rhyme for you
You might not like my rap, but I'm tellin' you bitch it's true

So much death in the Oakland streets
Am I gonna live till next week?
Will I get shot by a dope fiend
Tryin' to get high, tryin' to steal my ring

I really can't say, 'cause I don't know why
People out here droppin' dead like flies
I used to see a home boy givin' five
Now I say, "Man, you're still alive?"

Cold as hell, the town I'm from
Won't last too long when you're fakin' the funk
I'm the master rapper, so unique
Clap my hand when I want my freak

You can't deny it, you know I'm right
I turn any rapper out when I'm on the mic
And I won't kick back, or relax
Till he knows I'm the best at the MC rap

Till he knows Too $hort, set the track
They got him caught up in my serious cap
Motherfucker can't spit straight game on the mic
'Cause he's worse than a fag or a Frisco dike

He's a sucker MC, I call him punk
Tryin' to spit that rap, you can scratch that junk
You little punk-ass boy, wouldn't listen to me
Think I'm fakin' but I'm takin' all you sucker MC's
To the end of the world and push you over
Good luck couldn't find you in a four leaf clover

If I ever said a rap, tryin' to cap on you
I wouldn't even sweat it 'cause you'll be through
Lookin' so far up, you might fall down
Gettin' clowned by the hound from east Oaktown

And the look in your face when you're lickin' that tooth
Could make a grown man die, laughin' at you
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