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"Chrysalis" (2006)

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Mozart Khadaffi - The Elixir of Life (LIVE)
Mozart Khadaffi - The Elixir of Life (LIVE)


Well, there's a static landscape stretching as far as the eye can see
And a frozen sunset burning like some giant restless eye
I can't move in here, I'll let my fingers do the walking
Is this a casting or the daydream of a castaway?

Nothing ever changed here, 'cause no one's alive for real

I see narcissi shooting up in the garden
I got blind from staring right into the sun
I've got a sense of community and tics round my eyes
We share all knowledge in the world but have nothing left to tell of, oh yeah

Oh why can't I fall in with you?

I guess I can't be lonely with the whole world in my room
Who needs progress in a world built on metaphors
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