Cats As A Measurement Of Time

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"Cats As A Measurement Of Time" (2007)

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Trophy Scars - Cats As a Measurement of Time (Lyrics)
Trophy Scars - Cats As a Measurement of Time (Lyrics)
Trophy Scars "Cats as a Measurement of Time" Live
Trophy Scars "Cats as a Measurement of Time" Live
Trophy Scars Cats as a Measurement of Time
Trophy Scars Cats as a Measurement of Time
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Who slipped this drug in my drink?
Who are you?
And what do you want?
With a face like that, I bet you can trust yourself.
With a face like that you can trust these cats to behave themselves.
Oh no! Oh no!
You only say my name whenever you're on top.
It doesn't make us even so obviously we're not
Over this together and nobody is getting caught.
Timmy's at the bar now fixing himself a scotch.
A child that sleeps swats the blood from his face.
Come now, my sweetie, you know there's nothing to say.
He's been eating his tongue for the last couple days;
Now he won't help you lick the spit off your plate.
A child that dreams saws the sweat off his face.
A child that dreams chews the shine off a blade.
A child that dreams rides a swan in the lake.
A child that dreams cuts her face into lace.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh...
And if you ever want to look for him,
If you ever want to start again -
He's just a phone call away.
He's just a train stop away.
He's just a note on your grave.
He's a scar in your brain.
He's a match in the rain.
He's a corpse with no name.
He's got crude grammar and nothing to say.
Milk dripping from her spine all night
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