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"Wump Wiggle" (2006)

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Shake That Wump Wiggle
Shake That Wump Wiggle
Shake That Wump Wiggle
Shake It Like A Bowl Of Jello
Can You Shake It Girl Show Me You Can Shake It Girl

If You Up In The Club Shorty Shake Dat Ass.
Twirk It Down To Quarter Baby Nice And Fast.
Shake It Like A Vibrata On Some Evalast.
Broadcast Wump Wiggle Showin All Da Ass.

I Got Five For Your Girl Wont You Bend That Ass Ova
Strip Club Pullin Up In A Range Rover Throwin Money To Da Bums Outside
Hopin To See Some Girls Wit Wiggles Inside Ay Shortyyy Whats Da Name
Dr Wiggle Bout To Check Your Whole Dia-frame In Da Club Shakin And Wigglin To Tha Beat
Lookin At Dat Wump Wiggle Find To Have A Nigga Skeet
All You Need Baby Girl Is Some Dick In Your Life
Even Better Just So
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