What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock)

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"What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock)" (2007)


What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock)

Can we rock?
Yeah, what's up doc?
Can we rock?
What's up doc?

Cha cha cha cha cha
What's up pa, yo who poop?
Your ma dukes or pa dukes?
There's two scoops a raisin in the sun
Brothers try to rally up, then dilly dally for some room
Bird peckin', doulbe deckin', rubber neckin' in my tomb
Check it out yo, I smile like Groucho Marx
I make a joke, hokey pokey, and slide by like egg yolk
Play me like a punk like Penguin and the Joker
Snoopin' in my biz like Tom and Roxie Roker
So bust the freaky freaky freaky ways
The brothers with the Asian guise making G's
And now we're sellin' records overseas
Holy smokes, oops, your whole plan goofed up
Now you get kicks, 'nough licks, plus cuffed up
'cause you can catch a quick drop for tryin' to take the Schnicks' props
So tick tock around the clock and shock while we lick shots
(Boom!) for goodness sakes the stakes are high
I'm out (you out?)
ABC-ya, bye


I thought I saw a putty cat, I did
I did the humpty dumpty bashful grumpy quaker nabisco crisco kid
'cause my style's figaro figaro figaro figaro like Pinochio's
Big Digital Underground humpty dumpty camel hump nose
So play dosey doe, sufferin' sucotash my mistletoe is gone
Snow White is after my seven dwarves, my styles, and after me Lucky Charms
So leapin' leprechauns, be glad I'm pushin' my pedal to the metal
I'm rugged and rough for Cocoa Puffs, and yes, I love my Fruity Pebbles
So howdy, my partner, I starts to get meaner
So ask Bob for hope, nope, not Mr. Bob Dobailina
Oh were has my mic gone? Tell me, have you seen her?
I stretch like a condom and gets plump like a weiner
Or a sasuage, but of course it's, time for Chip to wreck it
But before my intro I gots to check it
So who is the nicest in your neighborhood?
Lyrics are merry, merry, quite contrary, and Captain Crunch berry good
So rah rah, sis boom bah
Chip Fu is coming again, give thanks and praises to jah
My lyrics are smooth like the head on Terry Savalas
My tounge st
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