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Ab-Soul  - W.R.O.H (feat. JMSN) [Edited & Shortened]
Ab-Soul - W.R.O.H (feat. JMSN) [Edited & Shortened]
Ab-Soul - W.R.O.H.
Ab-Soul - W.R.O.H.
W.R.O.H (feat. Jmsn)
W.R.O.H (feat. Jmsn)
Ab-Soul Vs. Daylyt (Full Battle)
Ab-Soul Vs. Daylyt (Full Battle)
Ab-Soul - W.R.O.H. (feat. JMSN)
Ab-Soul - W.R.O.H. (feat. JMSN)
Ab-Soul W.R.O.H part. 1 (HQ) With Lyrics
Ab-Soul W.R.O.H part. 1 (HQ) With Lyrics
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Ab Soul - WROH (screwed)
Ab-soul - W.R.O.H (Live Nyc)
Ab-soul - W.R.O.H (Live Nyc)
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Ab-Soul - W.W.S.D.
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Top Tracks - Ab-Soul
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Ab-Soul - These Days... Full Album 2014
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Lyrics Ab-Soul - Gods Regin (feat. SZA) - These Days...
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15 Ab-Soul (2014) W.R.O.H  (Feat  JMSN)
15 Ab-Soul (2014) W.R.O.H (Feat JMSN)
WROH on Inside Edition
WROH on Inside Edition
Ab-Soul - Turn me up / W.R.O.H.
Ab-Soul - Turn me up / W.R.O.H.
Ab-Soul "W.R.O.H." These Days Tour
Ab-Soul "W.R.O.H." These Days Tour
Ab-Soul - W.R.O.H @ Catalyst Santa Cruz
Ab-Soul - W.R.O.H @ Catalyst Santa Cruz
Ab-Soul (feat. SZA) - God's Reign
Ab-Soul (feat. SZA) - God's Reign


[Intro: Ab-Soul]
All my life
All my life

[Bridge: Ab-Soul]
I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was tight
I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was sick
I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was ill
I say all my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was I'll be here

[Verse: Ab-Soul]
Everywhere, tell the truth you wouldn't dare
Cross me like the gold you wear
Soulo flow like the solar flare in the open air
So much smoke that I'm comatose, but I still want mo'
TDE generals, she ain't spiritual but she still want Soul
God bless, God body, no fear in nobody, no thing
Can I proceed? Collect all of my proceeds
Don't I flow like I don't bleed? Every cut is just dumb
After me there will be none I told you there is only one (Soul)
Yeah, and I just might be in your hood
Causin' havoc with my bros, and instill all to the good
Horse and carriage when I roll, it's sober hopin' so it's 'stood
I'm in Hollywood cause I remember when I had 50 Cent, up In Da Club
All my life I knew I was major, I don't need no major
I don't even write rhymes, I really shouldn't have to sign paper to dominate the
Game yall praise on hand and knee, just waited till it came to me
I just kept it real with yall, keeping it real with me

[Hook: Ab-Soul and JMSN]
Cause I ain't got no fear, under the atmosphere
Trying to stay high, as long as we down here
Listen closely, see what we bout here
Who really bout that, you'll see when the smoke clears
Cause we really out here!
(We really out here!)
We really out here!
(We really out here!)
We really out here!
(We really out here, yeah yeah yeah!)

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
Uh, and it might not be such a bad idea if I never went home again
Fuck the same hoes again, bumpin' "Druggies Wit Hoes Again" with my bros again
No, I want the world chico and everything in it
Every beverage with Codeine in it
How the fuck you say I sold my sprit?
I'm still taking blows at the Senate
Claims of Illuminati, I'm just tryna Illuminate
Praise to the most high, God, Jah, Allah, Yahweh
Selassie eye and I'm proud to say, I never need a 9 by my waist
Niggas still respect my game so celestials respect my space
And I just might be in your hood
Causin' havoc with my bros, and instill all to the good
Horse and carriage when I roll, it's over ho, it's [?]
I was overlooked, I went overboard now I'm overbooked
Ab-Soul, [?], my life is like an open book
Read between the lines nigga
I did this shit legally blind nigga
Yeah, Soulo ho, Carson arson with Del Amo (Knock Knock!)
Tell your folks I said hello, I ain't never scared

[Hook: Ab-Soul and JMSN]

[Bridge: Ab-Soul]
All my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was tight
All my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was sick
All my life, all my life, all my life I knew I was ill
All my life, all my life, all my life knew I'd be here

[Break: Ab-Soul (Interview)]
These days, at this point in my life, I kinda really wanna use music to help people get through their days instead of just staying in the dumps, just keep going. Bring light to the situation, maybe, you know, try to find your own personal message in that incident, that experience and try to move forward

[Battle Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Y'all got me, everything good, y'all can hear me?
Before we start, lemme just say this, lemme just say this
I'm dating you Day
Wait, wait, pause
No gay shit
What's the difference between a date and a day anyway Day?
A date is a day that's marked
I'm smart, and just cause I know you love 'em so much
I came with name flips for days, tailored just for Day
I'm expecting Day to base his verse on data based on turds
My database said Day the basehead that day to base head
Is he dope? No
Who gave Day the base, ball is what we do best
Flock his projects, that's a home run, Day
The baseball is what we do best
Carpe diem, that's how you say seize the day in French
I stand behind these bars for the rest of my life
I will never see the light of day again
Now witnessing this rare occasion I bear fruits of my labor this grape is green
I gotta eat on the go Day
I hope they told you that everything that Soul say don't go a long way
Don't go a long way, what?
A ho in Chipotle, no
This is food for thought, from a dog on top
We been nuts
There was a fool who thought we was new to this
But who knew this would end up, a glow stick and a uterus
That's light in a box
And that's light, that's light
But light like to lick twat a lot so that's right
That's what y'all call street?
No tales from the Crip this evening, he slip
Seems he forgot what the C meant
It's yo dumbass that thought that last part was so concrete
But I guess you'd have to be Ken to get that bar beat, pardon me
I bet right about now you feelin' like Jordan down in the Jordan Downs
In fact it's crazy that you even play ball to clear your thoughts before raw backwards
And that's cool, but for this round, save the bull before you let the Jordan downs and Jordan down
Now, as for the crew
Well, uhh, the villain been itchin' to skin a dog
And this nigga bought, what, a hundred and three dalmations?
It's safe to say your mob of dots won't make it
And I'm a fan first
But it won't take too many seconds to leave you in a damn urn
You deserve this disservice
I put this man in ERs if he don't got no man nerves, man word
I'm expectin' some etiquette in your segment kid
I brought you to the 'Stu to show how we do
So all them antics and funny shit you do for the cameras don't get aired here
They can't see you
Wave your title to this tidal wave, we do
And you don't appear to be appearin' me, forreal
You should kneel to me or somethin'
Fuck it, to keep it 100
You're nil to me, that's nothing
Heard they been raisin' raisins down on Grape Street, that's crazy right?
That's what happens when you expose them grapes to too much daylight
So your chances of standin'
Much smaller than my plan to defeat you
Wait, what, do I gotta put it in photosynthesis or somethin', son?
Shed some light on Day?
'Til he's cropped out
No not now, I won't need a plant to defeat you
The sequel, this movie, won't need to be continued
You finally encountered somethin' you can't counter, coward
You're counterfeit
You ain't gotta be in a Walgreen's pharmacy
To see quill drug over the counter
After your mother consumed you, you were the fruit of the womb
After you were born, I'm sure you wore Fruit of the Loom
Now I'm tryna figure out, is you from Grape Street, Crip?
Or just another fruit in this room?
It's crucial, you choose, I'm sure you don't want me to assume
I should be against the law to run into
Cause we all know in LA I'm double you, all so true
Today is the day I split Day in two
What the fuck has battle rap turned Day into?
Are you from Gotham or from Watts?, Are you Batman, Spawn, or Davon?
Did you really think "Paul Walker" was a dope song?
If so, you were wrong
Hold on, I got one more, and don't lie to me
Do you really have a Batmobile outside, my G?
Don't be so transparent, this nigga's light - through
If you don't know what transparent means, let me enlighten you
If it's transparent, that means that it lets the light through
So I should smack this trans' parents for lettin' light through
Like, he nerve of this cat
Lyin' with a motionless emotion
This nigga Day all bitch
Somebody get Quill a quilt before Quill get kilt
Do Quill got skill at all, homie?
It was some Braveheart shit, all I heard was Nas, homie
Did you really expect to last, Day?
You know Revelations say that we livin' in the last days
I mean, I see you skimmed through Genesis and Timothy but did you get to that page?
You got Gats?
You think your little arm'll get in the way of Armageddon?
Forget it Day, no, really, f
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