Things Change

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"Things Change" (2012)


Every time when I go back in time
Every time when I remember
I start to wonder,

If I should laugh
If I should cry
If I should forget
What should I do?

Should I move on?
Should I forget?
Should I ask questions?

Should I cry out?
Should I do something?
But what should I do oh God!

Should I forget?
Should I keep it my mind?
Should I suffer for it?

I was on top
They were down
I was in vein
They were in pains
I was in peace
They were in pieces
And Now its all changed now

They want to kill a hutu boy
They want to kill each other
They want to kill a tutsi son
Many lives, are being wasted there

A hutu and a tutsi can make it in the world
If they both are together
They have eyes but cant see
Many lives are being wasted there

Its twenty first
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