The Cellular Organellular Limerickal Rap

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"The Cellular Organellular Limerickal Rap" (2013)


By '
Doc Henry
Dr. Timothy L. Henry
Biology Professor
University of Texas At Arlington

Organelles rarely fell to organize every cell. Cells organize into tissues very well.
Organs make up systems that become us organisms. In organisms like you and me, organelles are the key.
All our chemical reactions, without thought or distractions occur inside our cells organelles.

The cellular cytoskeleton is like its name. It gives the cell some structure, like a frame.
Now its basic elements, Microtubules & microfilaments
Are similar, but are not quite the same.
While filaments stay in a groove, tubules like to move.

Lysosomes are the stomachs of the cell. They digest amino acids very well.
If their digestive enzymes leak, things would soon be very bleak.
Oxygen deprivations a death knell.
Endocytosis brings some stuff inside. Like triglycerides & polypeptides.
Lysozymes help break them down, then the cell turns right around,
to synthesize whatever it decides.

Peroxisomes will take a toxic compound, and with catalases break a poison down.
But what is left inside...is hydrogen peroxide, and that can break an organism down.
Peroxisomes have peroxidase, to stop hydrogen peroxide in its place.
And that is what is meant by an anti-oxidant, so cellular degeneration is denied.
Like other somes, animal vacuoles are small.
Some may not contain much of anything at all
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