Tantalus (06.51)

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"Tantalus (06.51)" (2005) on the album Pepper's Ghost(2005).


Standing in water, but dying of thirst
This is my thanks and this is my curse
Try as I might, the fruit on the trees
All remain beyond reach, beyond wishes or pleading for
One last chance

Waiting for time to pass me by
Waiting for freedom, waiting to die
Where can I go, in a world without hope?
There is never a place for a soul that has broken so

Trust in no one - Trust in no one

Linking the chains that weigh down your reason
Nothing to blame, but the actions you choose
Driven insane by the conscience of treason
Running in vein from a life of abuse

The closer I get the further I am
The journey I make is the course of the damned
The distance I go is no distance at all
And I climb to the sky but find myself falling so

Trust in no one - Trust in no one

Quench my thirs
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