Stranger Off My Pillow

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"Stranger Off My Pillow" (2012)

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Wishin I could drown in your tears, ooh yeah
but your the type of girl that would reach in and save me
so maybe I should just disappear, ooh yeah, ooh
but you know me so well you could just pre-create me
I must be crazy to risk losin it all, ooh
wish I could untie your heart but it's double knotted
girl you should trade me and get back what you lost
but the moment you let go you hurt so you just say to me
why wont you call me, when I'd be sittin by the phone since 3 in the morning
cuz girl I can't put the stranger off my pillow
stranger of my pillow
but girl I love you, I do, I wish it was you, I do
she dont even touch you, at all
and I dont wanna lose you

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