Straight From Tha Bronx

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"Straight From Tha Bronx" (2008)
Sáng tác bởi DERRICK JONES.
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Well, I'm known to wreck a mic like a prince, so all hail
To the raw deal on a scale, your style's frail
I don't believe I can fail, 'cause I'm headstrong
You're trackin' me, plus jackin' me knowin' that you're dead wrong

I got a tec for those that wanna step
You're ghost, 'cause since you're playin' me close
You're gettin' checked
And I can't conceive a better way to do it
So when you're in my comp

Get ready to be stomped, there's nothin' to it
'Cause I got piles of wicked styles and files of tracks
I get wild with a South Bronx style of rap
So you think you got rap sewn happily?

How's that? You couldn't sow shirts in a factory
You're what I label as a hip-hop hypocrite
You smile in my face, behind my back, runnin' off with lip
But I got somethin' to kill that though
I'm a real rap pro, bad bro, so now you know

The TR 808
Straight, straight from the Bronx

Now, back to the scene of the crime
I was taught to bust a nine
At any and all who's outta line
Yo, tha
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