Smoke And Mirrors

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"Smoke And Mirrors" (2012)


I love chou,
But chou destroyed me,
And everything we ever could be,
Every time i,
I try ta be there,
Life is just Smoke and Mirrors,

Love is just fake,
Ima fool, and your the JOKER
My hearts a injury,
That you'll never mend,
(That you'll Never mend)
Ohwoah (Ohwoah)

And i loved chou,
But chou messed it up
Everything we said,
Everything chou said,
Every colour of the rainbow,
Everyone Everything,
(Just a lie)

"Chou said you were different, Chou aint different, The Husky And The Neko that symbolises our love.. what happened? what happened to us what happened to you?"

Chou give m
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