Seven Little Indians

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Sáng tác bởi HIATT, JOHN.
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john hiatt seven little indians.wmv
Seven Little Indians (John Hiatt)
Seven Little Indians (John Hiatt)
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Dave Jarrett covering John Hiatt "Seven Little Indians".wmv


There were seven little Indians
Livin' in a brick house on Central Avenue
Gathered 'round their daddy
Tellin' stories in the living room

From a slightly unrealistic point of view
Momma was off yonder in the kitchen somewhere
Boiling up some hot water for them to all get up to their necks in

The seven little Indians knew
If the rest of the tribe ever scrutinized their household
Somehow it would not pass inspection

Big chief railed on
And spun his tales of brave conquest
About the moving of his little band
Up to Alaska where the caribou run free

See he'd done time putting in telephone lines
For the army during World War II
And even brought back a picture of a frozen mastodon
For the little Indians to see

And some mukluks and some sealskin gloves
And a coat with beads around the collar
His wife kept them in the mothballs
Underneath the Hudson Bays

And every once and a while he'd get wound up
With one of his stories, he'd put them all on
And dance around in that blue TV screen light
Like it was some campfire blazing away

Well he stamped and he hollered
But he could not stay warm in that living room
And even the seven little Indians
Well they c
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