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"Scars [home Studio Demo]" (2004) on the album Everything(2004).
Sáng tác bởi WRIGHT, CHELY.
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I'm not the first to make you cry
I always promise baby this is the last time
You believe in second chances and I love you for that
But I'm on number ninety-nine and you won't take me back

And I can't say I'm sorry
And I can't swear to God I'm gonna change
And I could tell you I will heal the wounds that cut you down
But you've got scars
And I've got scars
Love goes only so far no matter who you are

I had the chance to change your images of trust
Each time you tried before you got tangled up
I couldn't ease the pain of the hurt you'd had before
But I've got history of my own I
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