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"Restart" (2011)

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Under the barrel of my own sins
Justifications of my ways will never be a win
Yeah, I lived my life with acres of excuses
With piles of my fears
Thus leaving me so clueless
The miles of my sadness
Has stirred me up with madness
Elixirs can't revive me, neither a dose of magic
Ha, It shows so much of how we're finite creatures
Blinded by our ways, caught up in our own leisure
I may just have a seizure, for all the things I've done
I am a sinner, and this is what I have become
I am out of control system overload
Holy Spirit here I am, I'm gonna blow
I need to Restart; Lord help me restart
To the way you wanted me to be
A servant in your light before it got so hard to see
Yep, I plead for your go
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