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"Renegade" (2012)

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tinie tempah ft Wiz Khalifa- Till am gone
tinie tempah ft Wiz Khalifa- Till am gone


Verse 1
Now coming up I was that young moth**fucker real tough
growing up wasnt bad men just a lil rough, real talk
damidamon u know I keep it locked on my waist
I dont start no drama but I bust till da end
dont get me wrong I aint saying am gangsta
am saying am hungry hommie I want in
I wanna ride the lamborghinni, ferrari, maserati
a big ass crib with pool parties and honnies
I dream big men hell yea ama make it
ama shoot for da stars till aint no more to aim for
tryna stop me (no) tryna hold me (no)
I suggest not (why) cause i`ll drop ya
see london city be the city for the dreamers
the city of the hustlers the real night crawlers
where night dont stop us you dont wanna test us
that boy said he want it damn I let him have it
so I put two lines in two songs
making two hits now he weeps
mother**cker never fu** with d
am da next upcoming am a ruthless best cause ama

Renegade tougher that that pissed off lion
that pissed off tiger that tucked in hmm
that mike tyson punch on a really bad day
u dont want it damn am ruthless men cause ama (x2)

Verse 2
Damidamon hell yea I stay focused
that boy said he ballin he got the ford focus
we aint friends hommie keep your distance
cause I
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