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"Rain" (2009)
Sáng tác bởi Williams, Geoffrey.
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ABN- Rain
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Z-Ro feat. Trae Tha Truth (A.B.N.) - Rain (VIDEO) + Lyrics
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Trae & Z-Ro - Rain (Chopped and Screwed)
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ABN- Rain (Chopped & Slowed By DJ Tramaine713)
A.B.N-Can U Stand The Rain (Slowed & Chopped)
A.B.N-Can U Stand The Rain (Slowed & Chopped)


Im A Gangsta My Nikka From My Head To My Feet
Ever Since I Was A Youngin I Been Livin In The Streets
Keep It Movin You Dont Wanna Get Into It Wit A Me
I Can Get Your Whole Family Wiped Out For Less Than A G
The Og Stands For Organized General
Street Educated And Graduate Into A Criminal
I Make It Rain But I Aint Talkin About Money From The Sky
Im Talkin Bout Everybody Dyin
I'm The Mo City Don And The King Of The Ghetto
Zro Is A One Man Team In The Ghetto
Had Dope In My Palm Gettin Green I'm The Ghetto
A Million Dollars Made But Still Seen In The Ghetto
A Trrunk Full Of Artilary Be Ready To Reach Out And Touch Somebody
Im Insane In The Membrane I Dont Have Positive Thoughts The Only Thing I Can Picture Is F**Kin Up Somebody
Walk Like Im Bad Because I Know I Can
Aint Got A Reason To Fear It If Its A Man
45 In My Left Hand If It In My Right Hand+
357 In My Other Hand
(Why)Cause I Never Figured Me Out A Trigger Happy Nikka You Should Not F**K Wit
Cause Im Bout To Open Your Motherf**Kin Ass Up Like A Christmas Gift
Cus There Aint No Love No Love
Y'all Fellas Was Holdin Ya Nuts On Us
Wanna See Us Doin Bad So I Know Y'all Can't Stand The Fact That Trae And Zro Earn Stacks Back To Back

Nikka We Still In The Hood
Ridin Round Trippin Wit The Steel In The Hood
I Remember When We Used To Rob And Steal In The Hood
I'm An Asshole By Nature I Make It Rain Real Good

Z-Ro And Trae Assholes By Nature No Doubt
Motherf**Kers Can You Stand The Rain
Cause If We Spray These K's
We Gone Shut Your Block Down
Tell Me Nikka Can You Stand The Rain

Let It Be Known I Remember What It Was From Day One
So I Still Don't Give Dam About Nothin Out Here
Been An Asshole All Of My Life And I Remain To Be Real
While These Other Nikkas Stuntin Out Here
Ain't Never Been One To Try And Fit In
If I Want A Spot I Guarntee You Im A Get In
You Ain't Never Seen The Type Of Drama I Live In
Ima Be The First To Get The K And Pop The Clip In
And I Got The Same Attitude I Had Last Year If You Don't Like It F*Ck You Now Bitch Get That Clear
Never Let A Ho Nikka Try To Get Past Here
Ain't Nothin That You Gotta One Stash Here
So I Run Around Bigger Like I Can't Be Stopped
Ready For The Nikka Thinkin.That He Can't Be Popped
Throwin Bullets (How Fast) Too Big To Be Blocked
(In And Out Of These Cars?) Like Birds In A Flock
When The Rain Falli
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