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"Quiet Sounds" (2009)

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I hear a voice talking to me, but I cant quite understand
And I see faces all around me but theyre blurred at the edges
I see the sights, I hear the sounds
But I cant tell were I am, cant remember where Ive gone
Lost again in my own head

Im not quite here, Im flying through a galaxy nowhere near
But there are strains of music Im starting to hear
Whispering in my ear

Endless thoughts, endless dreams
Beyond what youd believe
Visions for a newly built peace
A magical land, people hand in hand

So tell me if you find me, I felt so far away
Pulled down to earth, Im trying to come back
Tell me if you find me, Im ready to make a change
Back on this world, now Im coming back

Cause what I dont tell, people wont know
Dreams and hopes that I want to show
Ready to change the world so Im back again
To live in a world thats not pretend

I was not quite, not quite here
But now Im back with you, my dear
So lean close and listen, and you might hear
That strain of music I hear
Dreams whispering in your ear
Now Ive finally come back to this place here

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