Psalm 51:5

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"Psalm 51:5" (2014)


[Verse 1]
Caught between Plymouth rock and a hard place
God bless America, our faith
Where young boys idolize Scarface
And Heaven is a place so far away, God's grace
If you're listenin', pray for me
The devil don't take another day from me
And Jesus make another way for me
I don't wanna burn in Hell just to make money
Here's my confession
Three Hail Mary's, gotta thank the reverend
Cut my losses, count my blessings
Hopin' I can walk through the gates of Heaven

Standin' on the front lines, livin' on the dark side, walk with me
I'm a born sinner
Tryna stop the riot within but everybody want a war with me
I'm a born sinner
Hope ya praying for me, yes lord hope ya praying for me
I'm a born sinner
Hate who I am, a born sinner, born sinner

[Verse 2]
This for Mike Brown, Sean Bell
Every brother trapped in a dark cell
Born sinner, our hell
Coulda been just another Bronx tale
Ya'll don't know my story, real talk
Crack babies, stillborns
Most wanted pictures, billboard
This the life that you free men kill for
In blood we bap
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