Prayer In Unison

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"Prayer In Unison" (2007)

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Taraxacum · Think!
Taraxacum · Think!


[Music: T. Exxel - Words; R. Mythiasin]

Look just ahead it's black and it's dead
The drums of war pounding through our heads
Saber waving leaders draw their battle lines
economic conquest as the end draws nigth.

Its' the ultimate hypocrisy!
Mother of all conspiracy!


The final stage is set
The curtain is about to fall
Asking God to bless the bomb
And sending many off to die!


Bow your head let us all pray in unison
This will not be the 3rd World War!
A somber thought we ponder now
Patriotism whipped in a frenzy
the people rally around a cause
Suckered into a facist state
World-wide govern
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