Poor Cow

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"Poor Cow" (2006)
Sáng tác bởi LEITCH, DONOVAN.
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Donovan - Poor Cow
Donovan - Poor Cow
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Donovan - "Poor Cow" (Live)
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Poor Cow. Donovan...Be Not Too Hard (1967)
Donovan - Poor Cow
Donovan - Poor Cow
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Donovan - Poor Cow (Pye 1968).
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Poor Cow (Live)
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"Be Not Too Hard" by Donovan.
"Be Not Too Hard" by Donovan.
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Poor Cow (Remastered Version)
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Poor Cow, 1967 - Not Fade Away and more
Donovan Colours
Donovan Colours


I dwell in the north in the green country
Far I'm here, far I'm here
And I take to my rest at the end of day
Whilst overhead pretty stars do play

And then I dream along
Then I make a song
About everything that I've known and felt
And it makes my sadness melt

Then I wake up in the funny old kind of day
The rain has gone away
Watching the children sing and play
In the garden and the roadway

Up comes a little one singing a song
About a friend she knows called Rosie
Off to the greenwood you must go
Bring-a me one fine posie

All of a sudden I'm light as air
I feel sad as a butterfly

Oh, I dwell with my pride and my songs and things
Wearily, oh so wearily
And I dream of the girl with the sunshine eye
Sun daily, whatev
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