People Say – Gimme Some Hell

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"People Say – Gimme Some Hell" (2005) on the album Tage Mahal(2005).
Sáng tác bởi OLIVA, JOHN N..
Sản xuất bởi Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc..


I told you about the sirens
And the hunger for flesh
I showed you the dungeons
Beneath the citys unrest
Feel the power of the night
Make the legions strong
And by the grace of the witch
I bring to you this songhear the people say

Hear the people say hear the people say
Hear the people say, just gimme some hell

We enter the halls of the mountain king
Beyond the doors of the dark
Flying on strange wings
From the streets to the gutter
In a summers rain
Do you hear the hounds the
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