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"Overstrand" (2007)

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The Divine Comedy - U.S.E.
The Divine Comedy - U.S.E.
Marcia Weirdo Overstrand...
Marcia Weirdo Overstrand...
The Divine (Comic-Trailer)
The Divine (Comic-Trailer)


I reside in Prince Of Wales Drive
In a mansion block named "Primrose"
With constant hot water it's got all it oughta
Behind Victorian windows

But nonetheless, I must confess
I'm looking for something grander
If you could see it, you'd agree
It's better to be an Overstrander

If one rich hag should like my gags
And drunkenly drag me to bed in Overstrand
"Stand still while I take your picture!"
I would give her the negatives
If she could deliver the keys of Overstrand
(And then I would evict her)

Oh! To be one of the bourgeoisie
Living in luxury south of the river

I'll flirt and philander
I'll take huge back-handers
I just want to be an Overstrander

If that won't work, I'll
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