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"Oscar Grant Freeverse" (2013)

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I Got It Made
I Got It Made
My Likes 3
My Likes 3
Disability Disclosure
Disability Disclosure


This dedicated to Oscar Grant,
His mother, Daughter, And Ant,
Say A prayer...Cause their never see there Family Again...
To the Cops Im just a nigga they dont see Im a man..
Tryna provide for my family the best way that I can..
Mehserle somewhere off in the county PC'd up...
If the right nigga catch him I hope his ass get took..
Broke my heart when I heard I just knew we would ride..
But nobody said a word weall kept quiet...
And I....Still aint forgot about about Sean Bell...Emmett Till...Rodney King...And All the Brothers who fell...To the hands of another man behind a badge..CO's aint no different neither nigga fuck a badge!
You just a worker A house nigga back from the past
A undercover In my Eyes You just like a Fag...
Rappers rappin bout they prada purses all of that
But Im in the hood where niggas hurtin Where was yall at?
One more time for Obama bruh congratulations
Until this year I didnt know about a Inaugurat
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