Notell Hotel

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"Notell Hotel" (2006) on the album Ten Out Of 10.

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10cc - Notell Motel HQ
10cc - Notell Motel HQ
10cc - Notell Hotel
10cc - Notell Hotel
Notell Hotel  - 10CC
Notell Hotel - 10CC
10cc - Notell Hotel Lyrics
10cc - Notell Hotel Lyrics
Hotel by 10cc
Hotel by 10cc


I checked into the room and I checked the view
And then I locked and chained the door
I had time to kill I had space to fill
Like a prisoner on the floor
But then the silence broke, there's a woman
screaming down the hall
And I wondered what was going on
Here at the Notell Hotel
So I killed the light and I slipped the chain
took a peek into the hall
I was just in time to see the waiter trip
and drop the dinner on the floor
But the Bellboy smiled as the elevator started to fall
And I wondered what was going on
down at the Notell Hotel
Ooh, I love a mystery (cover up and intrigue)
Life can be a thriller, a fantasy of everything I see
Ooh, how I love a mystery (turned up raincoats)
Secret agents, waiting for the missing clue
at a rendezvous
I heard the sound of feet and I looke
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