Not A Love Song

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"Not A Love Song" (2012)


She walking thru my mind,
i can see her smile,
yeah she fried, she got weed eyes,
i would spend my fuckin life with her,
and even when i die, i would save my last breath for her,
rollin weed havin sex in the afterlife,
i hope we'll still be smiling, all thru the night,
i'm grindin, where is happiness, tryna find it,
tryna find me,
and i think i did,
but she has to leave, damn,
one day, one day, we'll be together again,
i believe,
Fuck the world, fuck everybody,
let the thruth be told,
with you i'm blazin, with the others i'm cold,
fireworks meet the sky, it's an work of art,
for the sake of this song call it an artwork
i dont know is it akward
but i fucks with you,
and i ain't feelin no girl,
on this planet earth, so maybe you're an alien,
how the fuck could i know,
if there is no god to show me the view from above,
and for yall who thing wrong,
this is not a love song,
it's a song about love.

This is not a love song, No,
it's a song about love, Hey.
This is not a love song, No,
it's a song about love, Hey.

This ain't no lovesong,
i love three thing
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