No Static At All

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"No Static At All" (2008)
Sáng tác bởi Paul E. Huston;Donald Fagen;Michael Berrin;Peter J. Nash;Walter Carl Becker.

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3rd Bass-No Static At All
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No static at all

Beef not needed to waste one
'Cause trouble don't feed the bass drum
Some so feeble, so play the hoodlum
A humdrum liver in Bedlam

Bet your last buck, you don't laugh to this
Your horse came last behind the cactus
Back so strong, you thought wrong a fallacy
The groove will whip and flip cause it has to be

In there, like Belvedere in his underwear
On the new year, my dear, so make it clear
I'm gonna ask do you wanna live small?
Static? Nah troop, none at all

Why meddle in the middle of a ruckus?
[Incomprehensible] sip slowly on Snapple in hand
Not these hands of mine holdin' clippers
Slip and clip your flat top to ceasar

Ease your ego, I go toe to toe
Throw my voice like I throw my yo-yo
And ho ho ho, on the mic is life support
And toward a crumb static ain't my sport

Swing to this, Serch swings to that
Much as you noticed, they always wear hats
Boots and loops produced by Prince Paul
Slaps ya skull, no static at all

Static mixed in but it don't cling
To a fat rope dope Gucci link or an earring
Hand now gropin' for
But the hand is used to get skins

Skim the cream b
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