No Champagne

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"No Champagne" (2006) on the album 4LYN(2001).
Sáng tác bởi Duessler Bjoern; Carrilho Sascha; Clauss Ron; Eckebrecht Benjamin.

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4Lyn - No Champagne
4Lyn - No Champagne
4Lyn No Champagne
4Lyn No Champagne
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4 Lyn - No champagne
4 Lyn - No champagne
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4lyn - 4lyn (Full Album)
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4lyn - No Champagne Lyrics
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(Are you ready or what?)
So here I come, save ya passengers
From this critical minded messenger
Right in front of ya eyes
You see me standing wit da mic in da right hand

Ain't that aight, man
(Come on)

5 bucks entry and da drinks aren't for free
The bartender's tripping and ya girl is looking at me
Typical, tropical heat, chewing gum on ya seat
Yeah, this happening sucks, yes indeed

Tell me, what's da reason, yo
Why do you came? Why do ya blame?
The band is giving everything
Oh, now you say that it's too loud
Do you think that it is silent when you shout?

Tell me, why da fuck are you here?
(Oh yeah)
You wanna criticize me? Yeah, I can feel it in the air
Adrenaline is rising, homes, yo
Ya anger is my air to breathe and I can feel it in my bones

Pay for fame
(It's da st
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