MsAmerikkka (Bonus Track)

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"MsAmerikkka (Bonus Track)" (2006) on the album Love And Hate(2003).
Sáng tác bởi HAYES, EDWIN M. JR. / CHAVEZ, JOEY.
Sản xuất bởi Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group.

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yo, this all came about one time , when
I was on a plane back, going back to Los Angeles
coming from somewhere else
and I sat next to this lady, and she was telling me some things, you know
I don't remember her verbatum
but I do remember some of the things she said
it was like this
she said:

Life as we know it is about to change
I smell it within the air, the weather is getting strange
Drugged up sedated and numb from the pain
The sickness in America has spread to her brain

She is no longer fit to make good decisions
She is completely blind and void of any vision
She parties hard and she keeps her concious mind in prison
Therefore she's headed for the ultamite collision

She can no longer hide the scars on her face
the innocence now gone is hard to replace
she has no shame, no remorse or any grace
She embraces the devil and she hates other race

Ms America, the beautiful the free
Fallen within the cracks
I wish that you could see

She buried her misery within society
it's obvious you have no regard for me

That's why you caught up
in the belly of America
In the stomach of America
Broken down
in the bowels of America
in the garbage of America
in the brain of America
in the body of America
in the wicked spirit of America
In the old soul of America

Ms America, you've been a very bad girl
you nearly disgraced humanity in the eyes of the world
vanity has took you over-
you're not deserving
the mirror image of your reflection
is quite disturbing
she makes so many promises
she couldn't keep
she neglected to mother her young
so they don't sleep
they scream out for justice
and then they weep
we're not to blame, Ms America,
it's what you reap

The aud
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