Mr. Incredible

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"Mr. Incredible" (2013)


(Verse 1)
Your face on a million billboards
Your face on the magazines
Your eyes shine bright like diamonds
I'll never get to see
You're jetting off to London
I'm stuck in this small town
It's time to face the music you'll never be around
You've seen it times before
I'm just one of a million
But could you pick me out in a crowd that keeps on filling

It's harder to know that I'll never get a shot
It's sadder to know that where you are is where I'm not

Sign your autograph Mr. Incredible
Won't you tell me all the things that I want to hear
We're a thousand miles apart, the whole world between us
But your poster on my wall is keeping you near
So date that actress
I'll watch you on the movie screen
Baby write a song for me
Making all the girls scream
And someday we'll meet
Won't you fall in love with me
Or will I be forever invisible
It's just another day in the life of Mr. Incredible

(Verse 2)
I know it seems pathetic
I know it seems insane
While I know facts about you you'll never know my name
I know it seems a long shot
Like it will never be
And though I try to fight it
You mean the world to me
You'll never know all the pain
That started when you would say
Your fans always make your day
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