M.W.A. (Mystic Wisdom of the Ancients)

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"M.W.A. (Mystic Wisdom of the Ancients)" (2007)
Sáng tác bởi Peter De Havilland.

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Miley Cyrus-Cant be tamed.2010.
Miley Cyrus-Cant be tamed.2010.


Got a little me, livin' deep inside of me
Of twenty years of livin' with my family in poverty
The fail of tears and the pain and the fear
I can't get cured, I'm failed by economy

Ethics, semantics, a question of morality
I'm checking out the body for alternative authority
Can't kill cancer with a teratology
Got you inner child with curly and photography

Livin' in a pyramid, taking it to the hippy chick
Ship the two but hustling
I'm also hoping it keeps me fitter for longer, jump your bones forever
It ain't medical, it's purely metaphysical

Better, better, better, better, ooh
Forget about the mystic wisdom of the ancients

Got a remedy, ring-a-ding-a-ding-a-ding
Checking out the bootie, makin' holiday inside of me
Paying my pills, got no slack with my ills
I can't get cured, it's invading my anatomy

Panic, biotic, moronic and the idiotic
Checking out the bootie from the counter and the metabolic
Can't kill cancer with a heiradology

Made a little thinner but I'm takin' it to the guru men
Shit, just took it from the ceremony
Hope it keeps me fitter for longer, dig my love forever
It ain't medical,
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